Pinked Edge Tapes

Formerly sold by F&M Enterprises. Don't worry, it's still in the family. We are the world's only manufacturer of scale finishing tapes. The "Pinks" are a lot smaller than full scale pinks, but not to any particular scale. Modeling is an illusion. If we scale the pinks down to the exact size necessary for say...a 1/5 scale model; you will not see the pinks at 10 feet. Besides that small tidbit, the price we would have to charge would increase exponentially.  Use this pinked fabric tape for model airplanes or any other hobby. It is an uncertified fabric.
*Note: Tape does not mean a sticky back. Modelers use PolyBrush or Clear Dope to apply, but hobbyists using different mediums can use what works best for them.
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